On September 20th, community supporters gathered at Detail Works for our grand opening.

Special thanks to Governor Phil Scott, South Burlington City Manager Kevin Dorn, Representative Ann Pugh, and representatives from the offices of Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Peter Welch for attending.

Mark Redmond, Executive Director of Spectrum Youth & Family Services, and the Detail Works staff expressed deep gratitude to dozens of community supporters, including Cynthia Hoehl, whose initial gift made the program a reality, along with investments from the UVM Medical Center and the Vermont Community Foundation.

“Here’s a note I got today from one of our staff,” said Redmond. “The mood around Drop-In for Detail Works employees is different than before. There is a pride and excitement. The ownership the youth show for the space, and the operation, is truly evident.”

As Verette remarked, “I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for this crew standing behind me. These kids are the reason I come every day. And it’s just awesome to see their smiles and how excited they get when they’re here. They’ve just been rocking and rolling.”

One Detail Works staff member, a young person who accesses Spectrum’s services, told the crowd, The biggest thing that I love about working here is knowing that each and every one of you here tonight supports all of us. You give us more support than we’ve had in our lives.

Governor Scott, addressing the young people working at Detail Works, said, “What a lot of energy you have. I couldn’t be more proud of everything that you’ve accomplished thus far. So, congratulations to you.”

To attendees, he added, “They couldn’t accomplish all of this without all of your support. Thinking outside the box about what we can do to help our youth, and to give them the skills that they’ll need in the future, is something that’s really incredible.”

We’re so grateful to our community for your support. Thank you. And a very special thanks to Pat Fleming and Ben and Jerry’s for the ice cream!

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