Express Service

$40 | $50 | $60 / Depending on car type
Spruce up your vehicle with a hand-washing and a thorough interior clean. Includes interior vacuum, window cleaning, and large debris removal. No appointment necessary; please call ahead for wait times.


Base Interior Detail

$120 | $135 | $150 / Depending on car type
Looking for that ‘fresh off the lot’ feeling? We will fully vacuum your vehicle, remove and high-pressure wash your carpets with a deodorizing enzymes and clean all interior surfaces and windows. The service does not include shampooing.

Base Exterior Detail

$100 | $120 | $130 / Depending on car type
Shine up and protect your painted surfaces. We will fully hand-wash your vehicle, removing brake dust and grime from the wheels. We’ll apply a full coat of silicone-fortified carnuba wax to paint and fully clean and wash all plastic and rubber surfaces.

Interior & Exterior Detail Combo

$185 | $220 | $245 / Depending on car type
The best of both worlds: Our Base Interior Detail plus our Base Exterior Detail.

Deluxe Exterior Detail

$400 | $450 | $500 / Depending on car type
Take your car’s exterior to the next level. This service includes everything from our Base Exterior Detail PLUS: clay bar (removes contaminants and smoothes paint surface,) machine polish, headlight restoration, and full coat of polymer cross-linking sealant.

Additional Services

Add any additional services to your Detail package:

Headlight Restoration Service $40

Clay Bar Service $100 | $125 | $150

Deodorizations Service $30

Pet Hair Removal Service $50 | $60 | $70

Headliner Service $30

Machine Shampoo Service $50 | $60 | $70

Major Stain Removal $100 | $125 | $150

Fleet Detailing

Detail Works is happy to work with your business to clean your fleet of cars. We will help you arrange scheduling, pickup, and drop-off. Contact Galen Blodgett, our General Manager, to learn more.

Gift Cards

Purchase a gift card in any amount that can be used for all of our services.

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