In light of COVID-19 Detail Works is limiting services. We are currently limiting appointments, requiring masks in our lobby, and prefer drop offs to be made via our night drop box on the front of the building.

Once your detailing is complete we’ll give you a call to collect payment and arrange pickup instructions. If you’re feeling unwell please call or email us at hello@detailworksvt.com to reschedule your appointment.

(802) 497-2296 | hello@detailworks.com


Base Interior Detail

$120 | $135 | $150 / Depending on car type
Looking for that ‘fresh off the lot’ feeling? We will fully vacuum your vehicle, remove and high-pressure wash your carpets with a deodorizing enzymes and clean all interior surfaces and windows. The service does not include shampooing.

Base Exterior Detail

$100 | $120 | $130 / Depending on car type
Shine up and protect your painted surfaces. We will fully hand-wash your vehicle, removing brake dust and grime from the wheels. We’ll apply a full coat of silicone-fortified carnuba wax to paint and fully clean and wash all plastic and rubber surfaces.

Interior & Exterior Detail Combo

$185 | $220 | $245 / Depending on car type
The best of both worlds: Our Base Interior Detail plus our Base Exterior Detail.

Deluxe Exterior Detail

$400 | $450 | $500 / Depending on car type
Take your car’s exterior to the next level. This service includes everything from our Base Exterior Detail PLUS: clay bar (removes contaminants and smoothes paint surface,) machine polish, headlight restoration, and full coat of polymer cross-linking sealant.

Additional Services

Add any additional services to your Detail package:

Headlight Restoration Service $40

Clay Bar Service $100 | $125 | $150

Deodorizations Service $30

Pet Hair Removal Service $50 | $60 | $70

Headliner Service $30

Paint Sealant and Contaminant Removal | additional $99

Machine Shampoo Service $50 | $60 | $70

Major Stain Removal $100 | $125 | $150